Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort ascending Holding Dept
MOSLEY, AMY MELINDA - (2) Counts ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN and 2 additional charges MOSLEY, AMY MELINDA Criminal MJ-12304-CR-0000552-2018 March 19, 2019 Derry Township Police Dept
Ortiz, Manuel Jr. - Aggravated Assault (F1); Strangulation (F2); Intimidation of Witness or Victims (F3); Unlawful Restraint... 31731059 - Ortiz, Manuel Jr. Criminal MJ-02103-CR-0000082-2019 March 18, 2019 West Hempfield Township Police
OJEDA NEGRON, Elvis Joel - Traffic Offenses - Fines totaling $1300 OJEDA NEGRON, Elvis Joel Bench MJ-12304-TR-0000378-2019 March 18, 2019 Derry Township Police Dept
Figueroa, Rodolfo M - Access Device Fraud and 1 additional charge Figueroa, Rodolfo M Criminal MJ-07207-CR-0000042-2019 March 18, 2019 Newtown Township Police Department
Reeves, Kofi Ayinde - Strangulation; Terroristic Threats; Simple Assault Reeves, Kofi Ayinde Criminal MJ-12202-CR-0000099-2019 March 17, 2019 Steelton Borough Police
Rivera Martin, Tiffany - 4106 A1ii Access Device Fraud and 2 additional charges Rivera Martin, Tiffany Criminal CR-170-19 March 15, 2019 Lower Allen Township Police Dept
Kile, Brandon M - (1) Count of Contempt for Violation of Order (PFA Violation) 28066471 - Kile, Brandon M Criminal 20190317M0756 March 15, 2019 Berwick Police Department
Ebo, Terrance M - Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer Ebo, Terrance M Criminal March 15, 2019 Carlisle Police Department
Haynes, Keith Bernard - Access Device Fraud and 2 additional charges Haynes, Keith Bernard Criminal MJ-12102-CR-0000112-2019 March 15, 2019
Fry, Travis Arthur - Marijuana-Small Amount Personal Use and 2 additional charges Fry, Travis Arthur Bench MJ-10101-CR-0000059-2019 March 14, 2019 Jeannette Police Dept.
Rosario-Sepulveda, Jonathan Luis - possession of a small amount marijuana Rosario-Sepulveda, Jonathan Luis Criminal March 14, 2019 Carlisle Police Department
Coutumas, Christopher M - Theft of Leased Property (F-3) Coutumas, Christopher M Criminal 2019-EC-00004 March 14, 2019
Yanez Hernandez, Daniel Alberto - Access Device Fraud and 3 additional charges DIS708441613 - Yanez Hernandez, Daniel Alberto Criminal MJ-07108-CR-0000085-2019 March 13, 2019 Middletown Township Police Department
Balsbaugh, Tharon Douglas - (18)3802(A)(1) DUI Gen Imp Inc of Driving Safely and 1 additional charge Balsbaugh, Tharon Douglas Criminal CR-132-19 March 13, 2019 Lower Allen Township Police Dept
Hicks, John Arthur - Terroristic Threats w/ Intent to Terrorize Another and 2 additional charges Hicks, John Arthur Criminal MJ-10101-CR-0000115-2019 March 13, 2019 Jeannette Police Dept.
Arriaga-Soto, Bryan Oneill - Attempted Homicide 31449957 - Arriaga-Soto, Bryan Oneill Criminal 20190309m0688 March 13, 2019 Berwick Police Department
Alderfer, Jacob Wellington - (1) Count of Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana. (1) Count of Possession of Drug... 30691635 - Alderfer, Jacob Wellington Criminal MJ-38118-CR-0000017-2019 March 12, 2019 Hatfield Township Police Department
Wilson, Niheem - Receiving Stolen Property (Vehicle) Wilson, Niheem Criminal MJ-12101-CR-000116-2019 March 12, 2019 Penbrook Police
TOTH, CHAD A - Fleeing and Eluding TOTH, CHAD A Criminal March 12, 2019 South Centre Township
DOUGLAS, LAWRENCE W - (18)3502(A)(1)(i)Burglary and 1 additional charge DOUGLAS, LAWRENCE W Criminal March 11, 2019 BRISTOL TOWNSHIP POLICE