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The Susquehnna Township Police received a complaint from a local hotel of a female who was involved in prostitution. An officer located the same female in an ad on a local web site that advertises escorts and an undercover officer began communication with her. A specific sex act for money was discussed and the female confirmed she was at a hotel on N. Front Street, and she provided the officer her room number. Officers arrived and identified the female as Christina Albino of Harrisburg. Albino was taken into custody and later released pending a summons for prostitution.

Due to recent complaints from local hotels of prostitution activity, the Susquehanna Township Police conducted an investigation and found several ads on a local web site advertising possible prostitution. An officer responded to an ad on 3-13-15 and began communication with a female who advised she was working out of a hotel on N. Front Street. A specific sex act and price were discussed and the female then gave the officer her room number. Upon officers arrival, the met a female who initially provided a false name.

On 3-26-15 the Susquehanna Township Police investigated an ad placed on a local web site that advertises escorts and is often used for prostitution. There was an ad that specifically listed a female in a hotel within the Township and an officer began dialogue with her. The female agreed to a specific sex act for money and provided her room number at the hotel on Corporate Circle. Officers met Matiyna Love of Wilmington, DE there and she admitted that she was working as a prostitute and she was then taken into custody.

On 3-26-15 the Susquehanna Township police arrested Robert Field of St. Clair, PA for solicting a prostitute at a hotel on Corporate Circle within the Township. Field responded to an ad placed on an internet site which advertises "escorts" in the Harrisburg area. Field advised an undercover officer what sex acts he wished and a specific dollar amount and he agreed to meet at the hotel. When he arrived he was taken into custody. Field was released pending a summons to appear in court at a later date.  


On 2/21/2015 the defendant broke into a home in the first block of W. Pomfret St. with 2 other males and assaulted the victim.  The victim suffered minor injuries. This was not a random act, as the victim and defendant share common acquaintances.  


Date Issued: 
Thursday, March 26, 2015

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