MAN ARRESTED IN 45-YEAR-OLD COLD CASE - Unidentified Beth Doe and Female Fetus, East Side Borough, Carbon County, PA


UPDATE - 4-1-2021 - Beth Doe has been identified as Evelyn Colon from New Jersey and her boyfriend at the time, Luis Sierra has been arrested.

Media Release #1956, Unidentified Beth Doe and Female Fetus, East Side Borough, Carbon County, PA

DATE FOUND:  December 20, 1976

LOCATION:  Along the banks of the Lehigh River in East Side Borough, Carbon County. 

CIRCUMSTANCES:  A teenage boy who was playing in the area found the dismembered remains of a full-term pregnant female. The victim had been sexually assaulted, dismembered, placed in three suitcases with pieces of a blanket, and thrown off of an Interstate 80 bridge. It is believed that the victim was killed and dismembered within days of being discovered.

VICTIM INFORMATION:  The victim is a white female, estimated to be 17–21 years of age. The victim was approximately 5’2” tall with medium brown hair and two small circular birthmarks on her face.  The victim had a visible fracture on a front tooth.

FORENSIC ANALYSIS:  To help establish identification, tooth enamel, bone, and hair samples for this unidentified female and her fetus underwent chemical stable and heavy isotope analysis. The female was most likely born and spent her early childhood in the Western to Central Region of Europe. Her migration to the USA was most likely in close proximity to the period between early childhood to the teenage years, and she likely spent a minimum of 5-10 years in the USA before her death. As for the fetal analysis, the results suggest that the geographic origin of gestation occurred in the Southeastern USA.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  If you have information on this crime, any serious crime, or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS.  All callers remain anonymous and could be eligible for a CASH REWARD.
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