Media Release #1954, Unidentified John Doe, West Manchester Township, York County, PA



Media Release #1954, Unidentified John Doe, West Manchester Township, York County, PA

DATE FOUND:  November 18, 2013

LOCATION:  Wooded area near Loucks Road and Haviland Drive, in close proximity to the West Manchester Mall, West Manchester Township, York County. 

CIRCUMSTANCES:  A tree-trimming crew discovered a human skull near the West Manchester Mall in West Manchester Township, York County.  This led to the discovery of additional skeletonized remains.

VICTIM INFORMATION:  It is estimated that the remains are that of a Hispanic (or possibly European/White) male, between 35-50 years of age.  It is estimated that he had gone missing at a minimum of 3 years prior to the discovery of his remains. This man had a significant overbite and was partially edentulous due to antemortem tooth loss. It appears as though he hadn’t had dental care in years prior to his death. He also had significant facial trauma that healed but was slightly deformed on the right side of his nose as a result of the healing process. Overall, he was a robust muscular individual with significant muscle markings, and osteoarthritis throughout his remains indicates strenuous physical activity and possibly an occupation that involved physical labor.  The victim had been wearing “Knocker” brand boxer shorts. 

FORENSIC ANALYSIS:  Chemical isotope testing was performed to estimate where the victim came from. Overall, the strontium and lead isotope data are consistent with local, USA origin of birth. Elements from his diet such as oxygen are also consistent with this finding, and show that he was most likely in the area of Pennsylvania or nearby states to the South and Southeastern USA during the last decade or more of his life. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  If you have information on this crime, any serious crime, or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS.  All callers remain anonymous and could be eligible for a CASH REWARD.
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