COLD CASE - Unidentified Jane Doe - Sugarloaf Township - Luzerne County - $5000 REWARD!!



DATE FOUND:  December 20, 1994

LOCATION:  Wooded embankment off of Tomhicken Road in Sugarloaf Township, Luzerne County. 

CIRCUMSTANCES:  On December 20, 1994, workers doing a mine reclamation project discovered a human skull in a wooded area in Sugarloaf Township, Luzerne County. The PA State Police responded to the scene and found additional skeletonized remains. The victim had been at this location no longer than two years, most likely 12 to 18 months.

VICTIM INFORMATION:  The victim is believed to be a white female between 34-47 years of age. She was small in stature and estimated to be 5’3” in height.  She also had osteoarthritis of her left knee and lower back. Found near the remains were a pair of “Macgregor” brand sweatpants, black socks, a yellow t-shirt, and a white British Knight sneaker (size 6).

FORENSIC ANALYSIS:  Chemical isotope data suggests this woman was likely not from this area and may have been living in the Southern USA such as Texas, Florida or the American Southeast during the years before her death.

Any persons with information regarding this incident are asked to contact to anonymously contact the Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS (8477) or online at

All callers to Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers remain anonymous and could be eligible for a CASH REWARD for information that leads to an arrest, the solving of a crime/cold case or the location of a wanted person/fugitive or missing person.

All information is accurate as of Release Date and is subject to change or updated. 

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Tuesday, December 20, 1994 - 12:00am

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