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On Thursday, May 11, 2017 West Shore Regional Police took a report of a residential burglary in the 900 Block of Hummel Avenue, Lemoyne. The suspects removed numerous electronic game consoles from the residence. Anyone with information is asked to contact West Shore Regional Police at 717-238-9676.

Case Status:

ACCIDENTS: Hamilton Rd- 2 Vehicles, no injuries 05-05-17 0947 Grove Rd- 2 Vehicles, no injuries 05-06-17 1130 ARRESTS: McRoberts Rd- M/34 arrested for DUI 05-06-17 0134 Ronzel Rigney 3600 Pebble Creek Ct Bethel Park Pa 15102 Hamilton Rd- M/52 arrested for Public Drunkenness 05-07-17 0214 James...
On Saturday, 04/22/17 at approximately 1529 hrs, a CPD officer was dispatched to check the welfare of (3) individuals that were asleep inside of a vehicle in the unit block of Monticello Ct. After further investigation, the driver of the vehicle, Justin M Heckman, was found to be operating the...
On 4/24/2017 at approximately 1148 hours, CPD units responded to the 1300 block of S Fourth St for a Trespass violation. Upon further investigation, three juveniles were arrested for defiant trespassing where the location was posted "No Trespassing."